Step 1: Check the unloading site and ensure safety measures are implemented

  1. Check into the site, advising the site manager or supervisor of delivery of scaffold components.
  2. Check with the site manager or supervisor the location of the unloading zone. This should be in close proximity to the erection site to reduce manual handling.
  3. Undertake site induction if this is the first time on the site. Seek information about the worksite and conditions to verify scaffold requirements.
  4. Proceed to the unloading area.
  5. Check the area designated for unloading. Ensure the unloading procedure and placement of scaffold components does not:
    • Interfere with the movement of site traffic.
    • Block emergency access and egress points (people and vehicles).
    • Place site workers or drivers of other vehicles at risk.
    • Place visitors to the site or the public at risk.
    • Block thoroughfares.
  6. Be conscious of the work area and take the necessary precautions to safeguard personal health and safety and that of your fellow workers. Take into account the activities of fellow workers and any plant or vehicles operating in the vicinity.
  7. Put on any personal protective equipment (PPE) required. This should include safety boots and scaffolder’s gloves as a minimum. The site risk assessment may require other forms of PPE such as hard hats, hearing protection, safety eyewear. If unclear of the PPE requirements, check with the site manager or supervisor before commencing work.

Step 2: Unload scaffold components

  1. Using correct lifting and carrying techniques, commence unloading the vehicle of scaffold components. Remove topmost items first.
  2. Stack the components into groups of like pieces to optimise efficiency of the erection process.


When stacking components:

  • Do not stack heavy items on top of lighter items – there is a risk of damaging components and therefore destabilising the scaffold once erected
  • Do not stack anything on top of ladders – ladders can be easily damaged which will reduce their load bearing capacity
  • Lay frames flat to prevent bending or distortion, which will reduce the load bearing capacity of the erected scaffold

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