We all have the desire to make the backyards of our homes our own – yet not all properties are created equally. Whether you desire a beautifully landscaped garden, a basic patio or even a pool, there are often times when what we want is limited to what is already on your property. Tight spaces and narrow or difficult access can be a major headache when you have big plans! Of course there is always the shovel and wheelbarrow, but that can be extremely labour intensive and SLOW! Not to mention – time is money, especially these days when the cost of living is increasing, and the time we have is more valuable than ever.

Rikishi-7.0With all that in mind, what is the solution? From weekend warriors to the qualified tradesmen, you needn’t look any further than the Cormidi range of mini loaders and mini dumpers. They have a wide variety of models and sizes that make them ideal for a just about any job (especially when there is limited access). The range begins with the Cormidi 50 mini dumper and the Rikishi mini loader. Both these machines are only 700mm wide, which makes them small enough to fit through a standard doorway! This means that sites with very limited access no longer have to be done entirely by hand as the Cormidi range caters for many of the tasks previously done with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.

A big advantage of these mini loaders and dumpers is their rubber tracks. The tracks provide excellent traction in all weather and terrain. We note that Cormidi’s proprietary sprockets provide superior traction compared to tyres and non-track machinery like skid steer loaders. It’s true this traction is really hard to beat. Also, one should consider that muddy surfaces are not a problem, as the tracked carrier only has a ground pressure of around 3.75 psi (0.179 kPa), compared to the 10 psi (0.478 kPa) exerted by the average person.

With its big load capacity and use of the self-loading Cormidi-80bucket, A Cormidi mini dumper is better at moving dirt and other bulk material when compared with skid steer loaders or mini loaders, with their capacity limited to the size of the bucket.Further it’s good to note that a Cormidi unit has the ability of being fitted with optional attachments like an auger, trencher and mixer. Thus, the user can extend the unit’s flexibility into other uses around the yard. Remember that this highly functional workhorse is ideal for all types of carting and tipping work. Get in touch with us if you want more information.