Liftwell Screens – Lift Safety Gates

Site workers inside multi-storey buildings are in a safe position compared to those working outside, especially on scaffolds. While we tend to relate falls in the latter situation, we don’t do so in building interiors. That is, when liftwells are empty. With all the movement and work in such sites, the danger of falling down liftwells is always present. Unless, the liftwell entrances are barricaded or better yet, protected with one of our liftwell screens (lift safety gates).

At Aztex Equipment, we design and manufacture Liftwell Screens (or lift safety gates as they are often called) from high quality materials in Australia. At only 40kgs in weight, they are superior to the more conventional steel gates, also being more easily transportable, without losing the toughness that these Liftwell Screens (lift safety gates) provide. Our aluminium screens are 40% lighter than the conventional steel screens and provide a safe cover over open lift wells. Lift safety gates manufactured at Aztex cover openings of dimensions 2.3 m x 2.1 m (h x w) just as conventional gates do.

Also, they can be folded and stacked flat like conventional screens. Our liftwell screens comply with Australian Standards and the National Standard for Plant with comprehensive OH&S information. Our liftwell screens (lift gates) are built with a fully riveted aluminium door for tough Aussie conditions. The frames are made of steel so they are robust. The door opens fully to 180°. They have no sharp mesh edges. They meet all safety aspects and enable you to use them without any concerns at your construction tasks. At Aztex, all liftwell screens are keyed-alike for your convenience at the construction site. The lock is well-secured and the hinges are situated behind the impact area for greater protection of the unit. Our long lasting, robust liftwell screens are available for sale, as well as for hire at very reasonable rates. So, if you want to protect your workers inside buildings on construction sites, you can’t go past Aztex aluminium Liftwell Screens.

Liftwell Screens

Hire Rate – $20.00 +GST ($22.00) per week each

Sydney Metro Delivery – $70 +GST ($77.00) each way

Other areas at cost

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