Liftwell Screens

Test Designed and manufactured in Australia, Aztex Liftwell Screens are ideal for use in all building sites, to provide a safe cover over open lift wells in construction sites. Weighing only 40 kg, these superior units are 40% lighter than conventional steel screens.

Aztex Liftwell Screens covers openings 2.3 m x 2.1 m (h x w), just like conventional screens. They fold and stack flat like conventional screens and comply with Australian Standards and the National Standard for Plant, with comprehensive OH&S information.

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Subaru engines are available in New South Wales, through Aztex Equipment. These great engines are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan-who also manufacture powered products, automobiles, aeroplane parts, snowmobiles and jet skis, and the award-winning rally cars.

  • EX Overhead Cams
  • EH Engines
  • EY Engines
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Welcome to our blog. If somehow you still don’t know who we are, we are Aztex Equipment. We aim to be one of the leaders for builder’s equipment and construction equipment in Sydney. If you haven’t already, take a look around our website to experience the wide range of supplies and equipment we are able to provide for both sale and rental.Every week we will be putting up posts in our blog about our products and services, as well as handy hints to assist you and our customers in the building and construction industry.

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