Aztex scaffoldings are designed to Australian Standards and consist of a number of component parts. When used in accordance with recommended job procedures, Aztex scaffolding provides safe, easy to use scaffolding solutions for a diverse range of jobs, work site requirements and conditions. We will look at some basic scaffolding components below…

Frame – The Frame consists of two standards (or uprights) joined at the top by a transom (or horizontal structural member).


Punced Hole Cross Brace – The brace is fixed diagonally to the pinlocks on the frame standards and consist of two members joined at the mid-point by a bolt and nut. The brace can be collapsed for transport and storage and opened for bracing together two scaffold frames.




Adjustable Baseplates – This consists of a baseplate and an adjustable leg which is used for the purpose of load support and leveling the scaffold. The baseplate distributes the load from the vertical standard of the frame through the soleplate to the supporting ground structure or surface. The adjustable leg consists of a threaded tube with nut, which is designed to fit inside the vertical standard of the frame and support the standard load.


Soleboard – The soleboard distributes the scaffold load from the adjustable baseplate to the ground or other supporting structure. Soleboard dimensions and requirements are determined by the height and width of the scaffold as well as the stability of the ground on which the scaffold is erected.

Scaffold Plank – A decking component of standard width and depth, designed to conform to AS 1577 scaffold planks. Set side by side, scaffold planks provide a working platform. The number of planks required is determined by the type and size of the scaffold frame. Each end of the plank is fitted with a steel end. The plank ends are positioned over a transom during erection of the working platform.


Guardrail – A galvanized mesh structure designed to prevent people and objects falling from the working platform.


Guardrail Posts

Guardrail posts are only required on the top most level of the scaffold. These posts are fitted onto the spigots of the scaffold frame standards. The post is fitted with a clamp to secure it and the guardrail is slid into the spigots positioned at the top and bottom of the guardrail post.